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About M&L Hospitality

M&L Hospitality is a leading international hospitality real estate investment platform.
M&L Hospitality invests in economy, mid-scale as well as upper-scale hotels across Asia-Pacific and Europe. By selecting hospitality properties strategically located in key gateway cities with strong economic fundamentals, M&L Hospitality provides stakeholders with access to quality growth and income producing real estate assets.

Wholly owned by the property firm Grandline International, M&L Hospitality was established by the Singapore based Kum family as a dynamic and flexible platform to invest in hospitality assets across the globe. The way M&L Hospitality is operated strongly reflects the strengths and traditions of a family office which prides itself in preserving and growing wealth through sound investment strategy. At the heart of Grandline International investments is the application of business acumen and foresight to uncover value and potential.

M&L Hospitality hotels are internationally branded with strong management teams and are located in key gateway cities such as Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Amsterdam, Prague, Brussels and London. Our hotels have developed a reputation for offering superior quality service in a range of price brackets. Our success is evident in the numbers with our current portfolio value is close to SGD 3 billion.

M&L Hospitality is led by a diverse Executive Team and an independent Board of Directors whose experience in asset, financial and global hospitality management is extensive. Our focus is on growing the value of M&L Hospitality through a long term commitment to active asset management and enhancement, strategic investment and sound financial management.

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